Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apple IPhone 5 Release Date

New coming of new gadget is waiting for people in their life because people can do more with the new gadget in their life and therefore Apple iPhone 5 release date is really waiting by people in their life. I phone 5 is really waiting for people because it has so many interesting features because the software and the hardware has been upgrade. IOS 5 is one of the features that can be used by people in I phone 5 and it is so interesting that can be combined with messaging.

Some people predict that this year, maybe in March month, could be Apple iPhone 5 release date that is waiting by people in their life. Besides that, i could can be enjoyed by people that love music in their life because i could can be synchronizing not only with the music but also with photos, calendar and documents. So people, knowing the Apple iPhone 5 release date will be certain benefit for people in their life.

Apple iPhone 5 is so mysterious because it has been waited so many people because the high facilities that can be enjoyed by people if they have it, not only high resolution camera that can be enjoyed but also other high technology application. Happy waiting for Apple iPhone 5 release date in order to get it.

iPhone 5 can be waterproof with Water Block technology

HzO came up with an interesting technology at CES this year and named it Water Block technology. HzO also won the innovations award at the CES. The technology allows electronic parts to be covered on a nano-scale. The surface of the film will repel water and won’t let water seep through. Apple can save itself from a lot of after-sales support problems related to immersion in water if they apply this technology to the iPhone 5.
The layer thus formed after treating the device with Water Block technology is  not visible to the naked eye. The film is formed of non toxic and organic material that does not allow water to stay on its surface. In the process, no weight is added to the device and there is no difference in a treated device than a device that does not have Water Block Technology.

iPhone 5 should lap it up fast – Competitors beckon!
Apple should make use of such technology fast by treating the upcoming iPad 3 and iPhone 5 with it. Samsung is also in the fray for using such waterproofing technology for it Smartphone’s. Just integrating the WaterBlock technology in the manufacturing process of iPhone 5 will lead to a completely water resistant iPhone 5. You got slippery hands? Have your device been affected with water in the past? A water resistant iPhone 5 sure sounds awesome, what is your say?


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