Thursday, November 24, 2011

The World Cheapest Tablet PC- Aakash Tablet

Features :

Unbeatable Price:

·         Only Rs.2,999 for the UbiSlate
·         Monthly internet charges: Rs.98 / 2GB
High Quality Web Anytime & Anywhere:

·         Connect via GPRS or WiFi
·         GPRS: Embedded modem eliminates the need for external dongles and allows Internet access everywhere
·         WiFi: Allows fast Youtube videos at hotspots
·         Fast web access even on GPRS networks, across the country using DataWind’s patented acceleration technology
·         Web, Email, Facebook, Twitter and much much more!
Multimedia Powerhouse:

·         HD Quality Video
·         Watching movies in the palm of your hand on a 7” screen
·         Audio library software helps manage your full collection of songs
Applications Galore with Android 2.2:
·         Games
·         Productivity software: Office suite
·         Educational software
·         Over 150,000 apps!
Full sized-USB port & Micro-SD slot:

·         Expand memory to 32GB
·         Use any ordinary pen-drive
·         Even plug-in a 3G dongle
And It’s a Phone!

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